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zanflare creations are beautiful to look at, and most importantly, are crafted with high-tech, high-performance materials, that make them unique.




Our products, with particular regard to the outdoor series, passed extreme temperature tests and thermal shocking tests. Flashlights vaunt an aero-grade aluminum alloy body and type III hard-anodized surface finish, while all tactical tools are weatherproof, waterproof, dust-proof, and impact resistant. Our research involved as well the development of high-grade CREE LEDs and superior reflectors engineered with PDOT(Precision Digital Optics Technology).


Meanwhile, our indoor illumination devices undergo a particular series of processes, including a multilayer coating, during which products are hardened and cured. Our innovative procedures and finishing make the material heat resistant, soft to the touch, opaque and extremely durable. Capable of withstanding knocks and scratches, they are, at the same time, highly resistant to the action of solvents and reagents typically used for household cleaning. 


zanflare collections satisfy both the needs of outdoor illumination and home design lighting: top notch, refined and durable materials combined with passion for interior decor.  


zanflare indoor series ideally match with any piece of furniture and decorate with a glare of light any room you like. In the bathroom, in the kitchen, in living areas, but also outside the home. 


We have also implemented the traditional concept of torches and pathway lights with unmatched solar technology turning this products into extremely versatile and energy saving lighting devices. Classic design and materials, for efficient, green and clean lighting innovation. Featuring automatic daylight power saving control and a working time of 30 hours the outdoor torches will withstand the longest of your nights and turn your coming-back-home into an authentic welcoming experience.


zanflare solar design innovation technology makes our products more practical and long-lasting. Our solar boards ensure longer run time than similar tools: up to 66.25% more of solar energy can be absorbed to extend the life of our panels. Among the most innovative appliances in this category, our outdoor lights are provided with 250 * angle adjust-ability to maximize solar energy absorption. These outdoor lights are specifically designed with a fold-able structure to reduce transportation costs and installations efforts. The rota-table light panel construction makes the light an actual and effective portable sun-powered tool, flexible and capable to adapt to any lighting needs. 

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