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Ann Has Winter Blue

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Ann doesn’t like winter.

It’s January. It’s deep winter.

Ann doesn’t like January.

After the busy Christmas holiday, everything turned to calm. Ann returned to her small apartment, and moved on her life with fixed working hours.

“Good morning, the sun. OK, not you today...neither yesterday, maybe none tomorrow.” Ann withdrew the curtain and looked at the sky outside the window. She didn’t see what she wanted to see - a piece of sunlight shining through the clouds. There were only clouds.

She sank herself into the sofa, closed her eyes, drifted her thought. Probably, in this misty day, she could not catch her soul.

The doorbell suddenly rang, forcibly pulling back Ann’s  thoughts. “Who is there?” Ann opened the door, and returned minutes later with a package on her hands. There was a card in the box, and a lamp that looked like a cosmetic mirror. “Hey, darling, brace up by your own sunlight!”

Ann got a light therapy lamp.

Then what about you?

Are you still lost in the winter blue?

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