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Ann’s Off-work Life in the Zanflare World

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

It was Friday. After a long day of work, Ann came back home tired.

The door slowly creaking opened, at the same time, the light above her head turned on. Ann walked into her house and took off her high heels. “Home at last.” She deeply breathed.

Zanflare Infrared Motion Sensor Light Bulb

  • Standard E27 Base

  • Auto PIR Motion Sensor With 16 - 33ft Distance)

  • 850LM Super-bright LED

  • Powerful Cooling Performance

Ann lives alone, thus, the living room is not so spacious. A couch, a coffee table and a television-these are what Ann stays with at weekends. Wait, one more thing—the lamp set above the the table which were installed by herself. It’s one of her favorites in this room.  

Zanflare LED ST64 Filament Lamp Set Of 6

  • Traditional-style Look of Vintage Edison Bulbs

  • Dimmable Brightness Design

  • Average 20000 Hours Lifespan

  • Up To 80% Power Saved

The Kitchen is on the other side of the living room. Ann passed the couch and tried to find some snacks—she was starving on the way home. The moment she approached to the cupboard, the light that stuck to it lit up. Ann picked a package of cookies at random from the three remaining. Then she glimpsed a new pan which was bought at last weekend. “Um, make breakfast tomorrow and.. yes, buy new week snacks!”

Zanflare 72 LED Interactive Undercabinet Light

  • Infrared Human Body Induction Sensor

  • 120°Induction Angle & 4 Meters Distance

  • Two Installation Options

  • 750LM Brightness

Actually, Ann seldom cooks and she likes drinking. Therefore she has a kitchen bar instead of a dinning table. However, in most cases, the counter is used to have midnight snack. Ann sat on a high chair. She put a cup of milk on the table few minutes before, and then, her mind wandered. She didn’t notice (nobody noticed), in this tranquil space with the soft light from three spotlights above, the milk glass on this wide counter got her crown again—a halo.

Zanflare 6.5W Led Spotlight Bulb Set Of 10

  • Universal Compatibility

  • 36°Beam Angle

  • 6.5W Light Bulb With 550LM Output

  • Powerful Heat Dissipation

  • Anti-creeping & Radiation-free

Ann walked into her bedroom, seeing the moonlight shone through the window. Touched the light switch to set a middle level of brightness, Ann looking into the mirror where a beauty was staring at her. “These earrings are really heavy...” The woman in the mirror took off her earrings and rubbed her ears.

Zanflare LED Mirror Front Lamp

  • Dimmable Brightness Level

  • Sunlight Simulation

  • Adjustable Lighting Angle

  • Easy Installation

Except a spacious cloakroom, a pure white European wardrobe is probably the dream of all girls. Ann has one. She stood up and opened her enviable wardrobe. As always, a piece of simple white light connected the inner with outer worlds in an instant. Girls know that weekend nights belong to satin nightdress.

Zanflare BL - 8119 Set Of 3 Cabinet Light

  • Auto Motion Sensor

  • 80LM Super-bright LED Bulbs

  • Peel & Stick

  • Battery Powered Mode

A bathroom in the dark is like a black hole, engulfing you so long as you step in. Nevertheless, it still has magical power that attracts you to look inside. Ann enjoys staying in the bathroom but she does not have to worry about the darkness. She pushed the door open and walked in. A lamp which looks similar to the one on her dressing table spontaneously drove away the dark.

Zanflare LED Vanity Mirror Light With PIR Sensor

  • Infrared Human Body Sensor

  • High-end Aluminum Alloy Material

  • Adjustable Brightness

  • Simple Installation With Magnetic Base

  • Portable Size

“Am I asleep?” Ann was woken up by a ringtone-the warm vapor from the bathtub brought her into a dream. After putting on her nightgown, Ann walked straight to her bed and turned on a retro floor lamp. If the lamp set in the living room is the favorites in that room, the floor lamp by the bed is her best-like in this house because of its elegance and simple foot switch. The drowsiness came again. A wine-red silk eye-shade was gently covered on the beauty's eyes. “Good night, Ann.” She said to herself.

Zanflare Floor Lamp - Warm White Light

  • Classic And Elegant Design

  • Soft Light Without Flicker

  • Pedal Switch

  • Removable Tubes

  • Superior Heat Dissipation

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