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How to Make Horrific Simple Halloween Decors

Halloween is right behind the corner. How do you plan to spend this most frightening moment of the year? Gonna buy ready-to-use pumpkin lanterns as you did before and can’t decide which one suits you more?

zanflare Silicone Pumpkin Light

If your answer is Yes, just check out our zanflare Silicone Pumpkin Light. Made of BPA-free soft silicone, the pumpkin is soft at the touch, and allows you to tap it to change colors. All in one, zanflare silicone pumpkin lantern is a mini and portable toy lamp for both children and adults.

If you reply with a No, and you happen to have one or more children in your house, well, then let's play some new tricks. Ready to learn and make new home-decorations with them this year.

Get your paper and pen, let’s start:

Pumpkin Lantern

You need to prepare (Images by kknews): pumpkins, a saw/ small knife, a large spoon, a marking pen, and a non-fire lamp(zanflare Curtain Lights)

zanflare-how to make a pumpkin lantern

1. Pick a nice-looking pumpkin with a good stem; then draw a circle or square or even a star-shape around the stem , cut out the lid along the shape line with a slight angle that slopes inward.

zanflare-how to make a pumpkin lantern

2. Gouge out the pumpkin’s flesh with a large spoon. Scrape the inside and then clean it to keep light shine through. (The cleaner the better ) Similarly, the pulp under the lid should be cleaned.

zanflare-how to make a pumpkin lantern

3. Draw the willing pattern you want on the pumpkin and slowly carve a bit wider along the line with a pumpkin saw or a small knife.

4. Put a non-fire lamp into the pumpkin, then you and your children get one self-made Jack-o' lantern!

One lantern is not enough for such a big house, you can follow these steps to make more. Plus, zanflare Curtain Lights which have three colors to choose offer the pumpkin a brighter, more divergent and more spectacular lighting effect. This is definitely worth the money! Both for your kids that will love the atmosphere and for yourself saving on Christmas lights!

As the most important thing - the pumpkin lantern is done, we need some other scary stuff. What if I say ghosts? Uhhh!

Cheesecloth Ghost

This is what you need:(Images from Crafts Unleashed)

Cheesecloth, bottles, dryer balls, a bowl of glue, thread, a marking pen

zanflare-how to make cheesecloth ghost

1. Cut the cheesecloth into squares, an 8*8 is perfect. Then put the squares into the glue, ensuring they are fully soaked.

zanflare-how to make cheesecloth ghost

2. Put the dryer ball on the top of the opened bottle.

zanflare-how to make cheesecloth ghost

3. Place the square on the ball and cover the bottle, waiting a few hours or overnight until they are completely dry.

zanflare-how to make cheesecloth ghost

4. Draw two eyes on the head with the marking pen and thread the top.

zanflare Birch Tree Light

Now your ghosts are staring at you. String them on the zanflare Birch Tree Light, then move your tree light to the corner or in front of a wall. 24 warm white led lights are going to shine all round the ghosts.

In the deep, silent midnight darkness, when you walk into the house, a gust of cold wind comes with you. Suddenly you see something looming on the wall wobbling...

Let’s be honest about Halloween, you must be tired of dealing with those little monkeys. They knocked hard at your door and shouted loudly, though their excited faces light you up, you still want to scare them slightly. Don’t you? In this case, you have to hang some spiders on the door frame. Once you open the door, they will be scared stiff by the spiders!

Sweet Spiders

It’s simple, look: lollipops, thick knitted yarn, small balls of yarn, active eyeballs, a pair of scissors and glue are what you need. (Images from weima’s blog)

zanflare-how to make lollipop spiders

1. Cut the thick knitted yarn into pieces of the same length. Then use two pieces to wrap the stick from above and below. Four pieces make one spider.

zanflare-how to make lollipop spiders

2. Fasten the ball of yarn on the center of those foot(on the stick). Glue the eyes on the ball.

zanflare-how to make lollipop spiders

3. Repeat the steps and make countless spiders.

zanflare Edison Bulb String Light

You can gather them on the plate or a bowl or just place dispersedly on the table and couch. Nevertheless, the original idea can not be forget. Therefore, in order to achieve a perfect effect, the zanflare Edison Bulb String Light is necessary. Hang the sweet “black widows” on the lights string, and then hang the string on the frame of the door. Turn on the light, the modern look and warm white light will confuse those screaming kiddos! They will shriek out loud so that everyone will notice the spiders. Then a daring imp will catch one and be surprised. “They are lollipops!!!” The children will find out that those creepy things that scared them are what they really want.

Up to now, you have pumpkin lanterns, a few ghosts, and a string of spiders, but the rascals on your home want something more.

Prepare two black long sleeve T-shirts, a pair of scissors, needle and thread, let us ready for making a super simple bat costume!

Bat Costume
zanflare-how to make Halloween bat costume

1. Measure the length and the sleeve length one of the T-shirts (from the armpit).

zanflare-how to make Halloween bat costume

2. According to the lengths, cut another T-shirt into two wing patterns.

zanflare-how to make Halloween bat costume

3. Draw lines from the corner to the two little corners shown above and measure the lengths.  

zanflare-how to make Halloween bat costume

4. Cut out four strips of cloth and stick them on the measuring lines.

5. Sew the wings to the T-shirt.

zanflare U19 LED Flame Lamp

And the last trick for you! The scepter of night - zanflare U19 LED Flame Lamp. Built with a high-capacity 1800mAh Lithium-ion battery inside, the lamp gives out soft light for a number of hours without any wire. Plus, its IP65 waterproof level allows it to be used outside - yard, pathway or patio. The most interesting part is that it turns into a scepter! When you hold it, you hold a light and a flame.

What do you think of zanflare’s enlightening suggestions? Share your feedback on the comments below! Or just post the pictures of your decoration and tag us on Facebook. We will pick five people out of them and send them for free the five products mentioned above: pumpkin lantern, curtain light, Birch Tree Light, Edison Bulb String Light, and U19 LED Flame Lamp.

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