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Something About Zanflare Motion Sensor Solar Light

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Are you tired of coming home at night but cannot see the keyhole of the door?

Do you want the light in the yard to illuminate without requiring ground wire?

Do you hope the yard be lighted up when someone approach to your house at midnight?

If your answers are Yes, a motion sensor solar light is what you need.

In addition to solving the problems above, do you know the the practical benefits of Motion Sensor Solar Lights?

  • It adopts intelligent light-operated system, thus it would be automatically on at night, and off during the daytime.

  • Equipped with an infrared motion sensor to detect any movement in the dark, the light not only helps outdoor lighting, but also home security.

  • It is an LED light powered with solar which has a great deal of advantages such as installation convenience, environmental protection, money-saving, eyesight protection, overheat protection, and long lifespan.

Which one is better?

Here are a few of similar products on the market.

From the table above, we are confident to recommend you zanflare Motion Sensor Solar Light.

As a light, zanflare Motion Sensor Solar Light is required to well illuminate. Thus we first focus on its brightness. The max output is 250 lm (actual testing data - most of this data on Amazon is fictitious), which seems much smaller than others, however, it is proved that LED lights that can vary from as little as 42 lm are bright enough for you to clearly see keys in front of a doorway. In this case zanflare Motion Sensor Solar Light with 250 lm is super bright.

Three Lighting Modes

Mode 2 and Mode 3

Equipped with Infrared Motion Sensor, zanflare Yard Light does more than others. Apart from three optional modes to adapt to different scenes, it has 120°sensing angle and 13 to 26 ft detecting distance (affected by obstacles). As soon as detecting a movement, it shines instantaneously, then dim or turn off after 12 to 15 seconds. You may want to ask why not choose a light with wider angle, longer sensing distance and longer duration? I believe you don’t want it lights up as long as detecting a passerby or a bird flying above. Therefore, these three features are more suitable for garden lighting and home-safety monitoring.

Detecting Angle and Sensing Distance
Detecting Angle and Sensing Distance

The biggest difference between zanflare Motion Sensor Solar Light and others is that it has a pair of retractable solar wings. When it is mounted on the wall with its wings being pulled out, it grabs people’s attention for it looks so special. However, two extra panels are not designed to be watched. They receive an extra 66.25% of energy when being exposed to the sun. In this way, the whole light can absorb more energy. Furthermore, the retractable panels facilitate transportation and storage.

Retractable Solar Wings

In terms of battery configuration, zanflare Motion Sensor Solar Light deserves the same attention. It has two batteries, each with the capacity of 2,600 mAh. The large capacity design helps the energy be stored perfectly while the solar wings absorb more power.

Having stated such advantages of zanflare Motion Sensor Solar Light, doesn’t it have any weakness? Yes, of course. Its grade of waterproof. Although its waterproofing level is not as high as others in the table, it is still able to be used in rain and moist environment. (Click here to view another zanflare solar light with higher waterproofing grade)

IP44 waterproofing grade
IP44 waterproofing grade

The good new is that installing one need take no more than 10mins at most, and will help to illuminate your doorway and discourage trespassers from entering your house. It’s definitely worthy to take one to improve your life. And zanflare is the choice.

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