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The Eyes of the Home

You must discover that our website has recently been updated a lot, becoming more beautiful and making you feel warmer. Do you know why? Because of the coming Christmas. When the new year comes, zanflare hopes to appear with a new look.

zanflare in New Year


When I was a child, Christmas was the most exciting holiday for our children. In that day, the whole family gathered together and the whole room was full of laughter and happiness, without anything unpleasant. But the most important point is that I would receive gifts and surprises from Santa Claus. The moment to open gifts is especially surprising! Santa always knows what I want, what mom wants, and what Dad wants.

This Christmas, I am no longer the child waiting for the gift. But when sitting on the sofa and looking at the flashing lights on the Christmas tree, I suddenly think of my mother who often received a lamp as a gift.

"Mom, why is the gift that Santa Claus gives you always a lamp?"

"Because mom loves lamps!"

"Then why do you love lamps?"

"Lamps are the eyes of the home."


"When you turn on the light, the home opens his eyes. You are in his eyes, in his heart, then he will give you light and warmth ."

It is a New Year. If you do not get what you want in the passing year, I hope that in the new year, all the troubles, barriers and unpleasantness will dissipate with the moment when your home-lights are illuminated.

zanflare's lamp


we hope that you feel the meaning of the lamp and the warmth of the home because of zanflare.

Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year!

zanflare Christmas

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