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What Should I Focus on When Choosing a Battery Charger?

Since batteries had been applied, every house has more than one battery. However, most batteries were non-rechargeable and needed replacement when depleted. In addition, the extensive use of batteries has caused a considerable environmental impact. We can't recycle these batteries by charging, but only to repeatedly buy. Therefore, the multiple purchases of batteries have brought inconvenience and trouble to our lives. Later rechargeable batteries were born, thus, battery chargers came into being.

The common use of rechargeable batteries
The common use of rechargeable batteries

What is battery charger?

As the name implies, it is a charger which can charge rechargeable batteries. The common rechargeable batteries include Ni-MH batteries, Ni-Cd batteries, and Li-ion batteries.

The common rechargeable batteires
The common rechargeable batteires

There are a great deal of battery chargers on the market. You may wanna know which one is better?

Before selecting a powerful charger, let us consider a question:

What should I focus on when choosing a battery charger?


Safety is the most important point for choosing a battery charger. In view of this, the battery charger must have various kinds of protection to prevent batteries being damaged during charging. In addition, security certificates are the most visible evidence that ensure the quality of the charger.


Due to the large number of battery sizes we widely use, strong compatibility is one of the indexes to choose a batteries charger. In order to support various types of batteries and recharge them at the same time, it becomes an inevitable trend that the charger recharge batteries separately instead of charging them in groups.

Image from Amazon User “Greg”
Image from Amazon User “Greg”


Now owning a charger that can separately monitor the batteries in real time and display parameters is what people are looking for. Moreover, showing only the parameters during charging are not enough. Battery test function of the charger helps people to clearly check their batteries.

Image from Amazon users
Image from Amazon users


Take a look from another perspective! If we have a battery charger we certainly hope it to play its biggest role. In this point, firstly, a small size and portable charger is easy to be stored. Secondly it should have some user-friendly features, for example, it can be charged by car so people can take it to outdoor activities. Or perhaps, it is able to act as a phone charger.

C4 can charge smart phones.
C4 can charge smart phones

Now let us turn back to the question, Which one is better?

Zanflare C4 battery charger has made great efforts in these four points to maximize the professionalism and functionality of the battery charger. It provides overcharge and over-discharge protection, short circuit protection, overheat protection, trickle charge protection and reverse polarity protection. Furthermore, it has a few international standard certifications such as CE, FC, ROHS. In terms of compatibility, C4 supports a number of standard Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries, as well as various sizes of commonly used Li-ion batteries. Users can select various current ratings to recharge or test their batteries. During charging, independent data monitoring on four separate charging slots is shown on the LCD screen where parameters like voltage (V), current (mA), time (h), capacity (mAh) and internal resistance (mR) are clear. Furthermore, with its small size and durable materials, as well as its dual charging feature(USB port & car charging) and the capability of being a smart phone charger make C4 an undisputed travel necessity. (Notice: Smart phone charger can only be used when the charger is filled with batteries and not connected to power. )

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